The search continues for 16 year old Eliza Trainer of Flushing today in Lake Michigan.   Trainer and an 18 year old boy she was with were both swept off a pier by a large wave on New Years Day.

Authorities say both teens were on the pier in Holland State Park  around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday as large waves approaching 12 feet were crashing to shore. A wave from Lake Michigan hit the pier and knocked them both into the water. The young man was able to swim ashore and get help. Trainer has not been seen since.

Crews from the Ottawa County Sheriffs office,  the Park Township and Holland fire departments, and the United State Coast Guard have been searching since. As of this morning authorities described the search as a recovery effort rather than a rescue operation.

Today's weather is still rough and it may hinder search efforts throughout the day.

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