If you don't work in the bar or restaurant industry - I guarantee you friends and family that do. As restrictions in Michigan continue, countless bar and restaurant owners, and their employees continue to struggle.
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I am sure you are well aware that takeout is an option, but not all businesses are able to accommodate it. Outdoor dining is an option, but that requires purchasing igloos, tents, heaters - which equals added costs that many of these folks just can't afford.

I want to be clear, I am in no way shape or form condoning things should be business as usual right now. However, I do feel like there has to be some way, to keep these businesses open and operating safely, and if not - how about offering them some REAL compensation?

Lisa Baker and her fiance Chris Robbins own Scooter's Bar & Grill at Hill and Torrey Roads in Flint. I should point out that Lisa worked at Scooter's for many years before she and Chris took over ownership. A dream come true, that has turned into a nightmare since the pandemic. Last night on Facebook I saw a post that Lisa shared.

 Talk about putting things into perspective. Her words shine a light on what countless people in the bar and restaurant industry are feeling, and dealing with right now.

I wish I could end this article with a piece of good news, but I can't. I just want Lisa, Chris and every bar and restaurant owner to know we care. Thank you Lisa for sharing this with us. You can read Lisa's post below.

So I am going to let anyone know who might want to read this, It’s going to be long. I’m pretty sure I need a...

Posted by Lisa Baker on Tuesday, December 8, 2020

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