Parents that make excuses for their kids being absent and/or don't complete homework like to blame the school system. In this case, the school places the blame where it should go... to the parents.

The staff at Maroochydore High School in Queensland, Australia voted unanimously to use this as their school's answering machine message.  This came down after they implemented a policy which I thought was common sense.  They want parents and students to take responsibility for missing class and blowing off their schoolwork.

Why would a school implement a policy that should be standard practice?  Because the school and its teachers are being sued by parents demanding that their students failing grades be changed to passing grades.  Yet, the failing students didn't complete the curriculum and missed 15-30 days per semester.

I was able to confirm that the staff did unanimously vote to use the message, but I was unable to confirm whether or not they actually put it on their outgoing message.

Do you think parents have the right to sue a school because their students are failing classes, or do you think the staff is correct in making students and parents take responsibility?

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