With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the holidays this year have certainly taken on a new look and Christmas won’t be much different. From how we celebrate, to how we prepare, people are making changes to their annual traditions, including Santa.

That jolly couple Santa and Mrs. Claus have made some changes to how they'll visit with  local children and families this year at Santa’s Farm in Grand Blanc. They announced that they would not be doing traditional visits with the children this year and are sad to be sharing the news,  but have come up with a plan in order to still make the community smile.

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Santa will be saying hello to local kids of all ages in a "drive-through" experience this year. Noted on their Facebook page, Santa's Farm will offer this opportunity instead in order to keep both Santa, Mrs. Claus, and of course the children and families safe.

Santa’s Farm will offer the new opportunity a few Saturdays during the holiday season to visit with Santa and Mrs.Claus in a drive-through setting. Families will be able to enjoy the experience free of charge. Dates and times will be posted to the Facebook page for Santas Farm shortly.

Santa’s Farm is the creation of Dan and Kerrie Hajek from Grand Blanc. The alter egos of Santa and Mrs Claus created the special experience in 2018 for families to come and take pictures with Santa in a more private setting away from the busy crowds of the malls. The farm is located on Vassar Rd in Grand Blanc. 


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