The students and staff wanted to show their appreciation after a scary incident last week.

Last Thursday morning, the Saginaw Police Department swarmed around Kempton Elementary School after a threat of an active shooter was called in. Luckily, the phone call was a prank and was made by a student who had taken a phone out of a locker and called 911. School resumed after the threat was determined to be a prank, although some concerned parents took their kids home for the day, understandably.

Now, the good news - the students at Kempton put together a homemade "thank you" card for the police department that read, "When we needed you - you were here to support and protect us".

The Saginaw Police Department posted a picture of the card, filled with hundreds of signatures, on their Facebook page with this caption:

Today Kempton Elementary School Principle Mrs. Dalton presented SPD with a thank you card for the scary incident last week. It was a happy ending! We are committed to the safety of our community's children and only want happy endings! We will continue to train and prepare toward that goal!

A little "thank you" goes a long way.

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