Three officers slept outside in different conditions from 6 PM on Friday night until 8 AM on Saturday morning.

Trish Barnes, Joaquin Guerrero and Anthony Trevino each slept outside to bring awareness to what it's like for animals in the cold. Everything from sleeping in a dog house with a chain around their neck to sleeping on sleeping with nothing at all.

Needless to say, they didn't get much "sleep." Trevino and Guerrero made it the entire night, while Officer Barnes couldn't make it past 9:30 PM with the chain around her neck.

The overnight temperatures were near 11 degrees. One of the officers came dangerously close to hypothermia. Fifth-grade students from Hemmeter Elementary recorded the officers' heart rate and temperature every 30 minutes throughout the night.

They want to show people what its like for animals that are left out overnight, as they see a LOT of animal cruelty cases where pets are left outside during the extreme cold.

Unbelievable. Kudos to you, officers. As if your day job wasn't hard enough already...

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