Concerned about being safe on the roadway? You have all the safety equipment that is available on a car today, but it's still not enough? How about driving a tank and just crushing the cars that get in your way? You won't find a Sherman Tank at your local car dealer, but you can get the experience of crushing a car thanks to a company called Drive a Tank.

Drive A Tank World Headquarters, located in Kasota, Minnesota,will let you get inside of an Abbott convoy style & the FV432 APC for a few hundred dollars and simulate a combat driving mission through the woods. Prices start at $399 per driver and you not only get to drive a tank, but also fire up to three historic machine guns depending on the package you choose.

Upgrade (and why wouldn’t you) for the ultimate tank experience and crush some cars while you’re at it. Of course, you wouldn't really do this on the highway, but it is fun to pretend. Pay for this package and you’ll get to smash two vehicles in the tank. You can’t fire the tanks (they’ve been “de-milled”), but you can make loud boom sounds and pretend you’re blowing up bad guys.


Drive a Tank has a lot of experienced instructors and drivers.

Be sure to check out their website and Facebook page if you want to have that one of a kind experience. Or just steal a tank like this guy did and save your money for the lawyer you’re going to need when you get arrested.

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