More local businesses stepping up to help those on the front lines of the coronavirus.

Abbey Pett is from Wyandotte. She's an ICU nurse at Henry Ford and she's almost six months pregnant. She had walked to the parking structure after a 12-hour shift on Sunday to find that her car was gone - somebody had stolen her 2018 Dodge Charger.

Police found it the next morning, totaled. The news got even worse when they told Pett that the driver had been killed in the crash.

And this is where LaFontaine Automotive Group stepped in - they're giving Abbey a rental vehicle, free of charge (including insurance) to use to get to and from work. And eventually, they're going to help her work out the purchase of a new car.

Michael Law, the GM of the Dearborn dealership, personally delivered a 2019 Volkswagon Atlas SUV to Abbey's home.

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is GREAT news.

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