Last year, it was a billboard. This year...

...he got a wrap for his car.

Greg Johnson might be regretting having friends with a sense of humor and a graphics company right now.

The Muskegon man was pranked last year for his birthday with a giant billboard that displayed his cell phone number for everybody to see. Of course, he received hundreds of calls and text messages from people whom he didn't know.

His friend, Nick Leisenring, is the grand pooba of the pranks and also the owner of a local graphics company. He told Fox 17 that he has an entire folder on his computer with prank ideas for Greg.

Greg had already been pranked a few days earlier for his 33rd birthday, so he thought that he was out of the woods...until he got a call from his car dealership, telling him to bring the car in for a recall.

He brought it in, was given a loaner and, when he came back the next day, his car was wrapped in graphics that included his picture and, of course, his phone number.

Of course, the calls and text messages started to flood in from complete strangers.

Nick said that Greg had been bragging about his new car, so he wanted to mess with it. He also pointed out that it's a professional wrap job, so he'll get to decide when it gets taken off.

Happy Birthday indeed, Greg. You've got a great crew with you on this journey called life.

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