Genesee County residents can dispose of household hazardous waste, electronic waste and other items at three locations on Saturday, October 13th.

Flint East-Water Service Center, 3310 E. Court Street in Flint will accept household hazardous waste and tires.

Goodwill Industries, 501 South Averill Avenue in Flint will accept electronic waste items.

Carter Middle School, 300 Rodgers Lodge in Clio will collect household hazardous waste, tires and electronic waste.

The collection will take place on Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Items being collected include household pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, compact fluorescent and tube fluorescent bulbs, household and car batteries, aerosol cans, gasoline, antifreeze, used oil, oil-base paints, paint thinner, Mercury, old prescription drugs, and up to 7 tires (no semi or tractor tires, must be off rim).

Electronic waste can include TV sets (no console models), computer monitors, laptops and notebooks, printers and copiers, dvd and vcr players, fax machines, cellphones, video cameras and stereo equipment.

Residents may not bring latex paint, medical waste, explosive material, radioactive material, industrial waste or TV consoles for disposal.

For more information, call (810) 762-7744 or (810) 767-9696 or email:

Time to clean some old junk from under your sinks, garage, your shed out back or wherever else this stuff is piling up.  There is no charge to dispose of these materials.

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