Not sure how you are going to take this data, but let's find out if your salary compares to the average in the Flint/Genesee County area.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data reported on by Mlive, in 2016, a total of 134,830 Flint/ Genesee County residents were employed. The Bureau calculated the average salary in the area for full-time workers. The data was created with overtime, tips, and commission in play. But not benefits or the self-employed.

Here is the breakdown of averages that may cause you to either to be satisfied or demand a meeting with your boss:

  • Average annual wages: $44,140
  • Median annual wages: $33,170
  • Average hourly wage: $21.22

So, how do you stack up? Are you happy with the numbers, or did you just almost flip your boss' desk and demand a raise?

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