I got word from my parents last night that my Nanna (Maltese for grandmother) isn't doing well.  She is having a procedure this morning that, at her age, could kill her.  Trying to stay positive, I found this video of a song Nanna and I would sing together when I was growing up called "The Maltese Calypso."

I chuckled this morning when I saw some of the pictures that are featured, including this one of two Maltese flags.  But wait... the one on the right is upside down!

When I see some of the crazy things they do in Malta, like using a fan to cool down an air-conditioner, I realize that I would fit in splendidly there!  I'd like to share the madness of Malta with you, so enjoy!

UPDATE: I just got word that Nanna came out of the procedure just fine.  No cancer, but she will remain hospitalized for a few days.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!