Mental health services for up to 150,000 people in Michigan could be impacted by a new proposal that would limit the number of counselors who could diagnose patients.

The proposal, currently in the hands of the State Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), would reduce the number of counselors who would be able to diagnose depression, substance abuse addiction, PTSD, and anxiety. It could limit the work of approximately 10,000 counselors throughout the state.

Scott Branson, an assistant professor the counselor program at Wayne State University tells WJBK that the effects of the plan would have a huge impact.

"Given the prevalence rates of mental health concerns in the United States and Michigan today, this is something that would impact literally every family in Michigan."

A new bill, however, has been introduced into the Michigan House of Representatives.  HB 4325 would help Michigan mental health counselors retain the tools they have to do their jobs. They're asking residents to contact their representatives, asking them to support the bill.

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