It may be unorthodox, but it captures parents' inner thoughts!

Adam Mansbach has  published four books, but it's his fifth book, a children's book laced with profanity, that's poised to be his best seller, and make more money than all of his previous works combined.  The book, "Go the F--- To Sleep" is in its fifth printing, with pre-sale orders topping 100,000.

The unlikely hit started as a Facebook post.  Mansbach told Reuters, "After a particularly difficult time putting my two-year-old daughter Vivien to bed, I posted on Facebook ... 'Be on the lookout for my forthcoming childrens book, Go the F--- to Sleep,'" Mansbach recalls of the unlikely night which changed his professional life. "It was a joke. It was not a book I had any intention of writing at the time."

What parent hasn't been there?  I'm a stand-up guy, I attend church regularly and live a rather conservative life.  But let me tell you, I sure would have enjoyed this book 13 years ago when my twins were infants!  Mansbach said he combined the deep love a parent has for a child, with the inner frustrations experienced when a child simply refuses to sleep.

If you've ever been there, see if you think this passage hits the nail on the head:

"The eagles who soar though the sky are at rest

And the creatures who crawl, run, and creep.

I know you're not thirsty. That's bulls---. Stop lying.

Lie the f--- down, my darling, and sleep."

Will Mansbach regret penning this book when his daughter is old enough to read it?  He doesn't think so:  "The book is written with a lot of tenderness and affection and love and I think that will come through to her," he said, noting the book has a dual narrative -- the tender, loving parent's actions and the darker thoughts.

"Go The F--- To Sleep" was officially released today, and is available at bookstores, as well as online retailers.

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