Audriana Counelis is a student at Potter Elementary School, and now she's an author. The 11-year old has written and released her first book, 'Ghoul Getter Girls', which is available on Amazon.

The book is about a group of friends who hunt for ghosts, and the characters are based on  Audri's real-life friends. Counelis hopes to turn the 56-page book into a series of children's publications. According to her Facebook page, a second book 'My twin from the Mirror Realm' is scheduled to be released in a few months.

"Josey Starr (great niece of Ringo) and her friends Isabel and Avery dream of chasing ghosts from their treehouse near the woods behind Avery's house. But when strange, threatening notes begin appearing from out of nowhere on the clubhouse walls, will the 'Ghoul Getter Girls' wish they'd never started their ghost hunting club?"

'Ghoul Getter Girls' is available in paperback for $6.99.

- George McIntyre
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