This is a very cute children’s book and it’s called 'New York, Phew York.' The book includes scents of things like apples, garbage, pizza and fish to name a few. The books author is Amber Jones; she worked as a concierge for 10 years in New York City. Take the jump to find out how to get the book.

This book is really expensive to make and that’s what really STINKS!  The book is being pre-sold for pennies more than the cost to make it.  Scents have to be custom made and they really want this book to to be made in the USA.

After many submissions to different publishers, they realized that though they expressed their love for the idea, they were not interested in the high costs and other difficulties associated with producing a scratch and sniff book.  Therefore, that’s why they are looking for your help to get this dream off the shelf (pun intended).  Maybe a publisher will pick it up after its been printed… or maybe not, but you just might be an owner of one of the only copies ever printed!

The book is designed for children five-years and up, also great for tourists.

If your interested here’s how to sniff them out, . Check out the video below for the opinion of some New Yorker’s.


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