Meet author David E. Swarbrick at a book-signing event this Saturday at The Point Bar & Grill in Flint (5545 S. Saginaw) from 7-10pm.

Swarbrick is a resident of Flint, and author of the children's book 'Happy Root Beer: A Story of Friendship'. (Available here)

"Every day boys and girls come into the store to buy Happy Root Beer. One day, all the root beer bottles were all bought up. Yet, nobody seems to want to buy Mr. Root Beer. This makes him really sad. Who will come along and help him solve his problem? Help Mr. Root Beer find a new friend to help overcome his loneliness."

Swarbrick worked part-time at an area convenience store, which inspired him to write 'Happy Root Beer'. His other works include 'Twenty Goofy Gumballs: Counting Made Fun', and 'Peggy's Playhouse'.

- George McIntyre
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