You may initially read this sign, and get the wrong impression. But Principal Steve Straessle's sign -- which seemingly discourages parents from helping their kids -- promotes a larger life lesson.

"If you are dropping off your son's forgotten lunch, books, homework, equipment etc., please turn around and EXIT the building," the sign reads.

Straessle, who is principal at an all-boys Catholic high school in Arkansas, tells KARK-TV that sign has evoked some complaints from parents. But students have grown accustomed to his rule, and appreciate the lesson it teaches.

"Your son will learn to problem solve in your absence," the sign continues.

"It makes me think for myself and not rely on other people to do things for me. And if I make a mistake, I need to learn from it and try to fix it," senior Patrick Wingfield tells the TV station.

Reaction to the sign on social media has been mixed, with the biggest concern being that students who forget to bring lunch will go hungry. The principal assures parents that will not happen.

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