A restaurant manager in Livonia says she was attacked and severely beaten by an irate customer who disputed charges on another patron's bill.

Susan Rains is the manager of a chain seafood restaurant in Livonia that isn't being named specifically. Rains tells Detroit's Fox 2 TV that she has spent time in two hospitals since the early April incident and is continuing treatment by a counselor because of the emotional distress she's suffered.

The gruesome incident occurred within 48 hours of a Chipotle customer getting shot after a dispute over guacamole. 

Customers Unhappy With Their Steaks

Raains tells the TV station that the incident began when two of her customers complained about their steaks. She apologized to the pair and took the food off their tab.

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But Rains says the customers were still angry because she left $6 worth of drinks on their bill and expected them to pay. One of them crumpled the receipt and angrily tossed it at her, refusing to pay.

That's when another person - a man named Deshaun Kelly who had accompanied the pair to the restaurant - stepped in and initiated the attack.

"We were toe-to-toe. Literally toe-to-toe, and eye-to- eye. And he's calling me all kinds of nasty, horrible names," Rains said. The attack "happened so fast; nobody could've stopped it."

Witnesses tell Rains that Kelly and the couple left the establishment, leaving her lying on the floor.

"I was told… they just kind of walked over and around me like I was a piece of garbage," Rains said.


Restaurant Manager Suffers Numerous Injuries

Rains says Kelly dumped the drink on her, smashed the glass on the side of her head, and punched her in the face.

She suffered a concussion, a black eye, and has had to have staples in her head. Rains is continuing to get counseling as she prepares to return to work next week.

Suspect Arrested and Charged

The incident was captured on the restaurant's surveillance system and Rains' attacker, Deshaun Kelly, was arrested. He has since been given a $50,000 cash bond. The man had previously pleaded guilty to armed robbery in 2015.

This type of behavior is uncalled for. We're thankful that the restaurant's manager is doing better today and glad the establishment had video surveillance equipment in place so Rains' attacker could be caught.


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