It's a "heat index will make the temperature feel like ________" kind of day.

Sunday is officially the first day of the summer solstice, and it's definitely felt like summer this week. Highs today are expected to reach 88; however, the heat index will make it feel like 97.

So, what does that mean, other than pit stains? It means poor air quality here in Southeastern Michigan.

Genesee and Lapeer counties, along with metro Detroit, are under an air quality warning for today until 4 PM.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our area of Michigan will see air quality levels in the yellow and orange categories.


The heat and clear skies that we're experiencing are allowing higher levels of pollutants into the air, closer to the ground, including ozone.

People are being asked to refrain from ozone-increasing activities today, such as gassing up your car, using gas-powered lawn equipment, charcoal, and lighter fluid. If you're sensitive to allergens or have a respiratory illness, you're advised not to do too much strenuous activity outside today.

Luckily, we'll see the air quality improve throughout the weekend with the weather; a breeze is coming in tomorrow and rain should be here late on Sunday.

I saw this coming with AJ yesterday. She rode her bike for a few miles and had to take her inhaler for asthma with her. Everybody be safe and stay cool today! And if you need a mask, wear one. We should all have them by now, right?

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