Beware of who you get your new fur babies from.

Dachsund Haus Rescue is an animal rescue headquartered in Michigan that also serves Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana. They are a non-profit 501c (3) organization and, a couple of days ago, they posted on their Facebook page about a huge puppy mill bust in Tennessee and are using this to warn Michiganders about where they get their puppies from.

A few weeks back, our rescue took in some dogs from one of the largest puppy mill busts in Tennessee. There were over 530 Dachshunds, all in terrible condition. Today is a court date for the monsters who ran this puppy mill. This is NOT their first offense.

Please say a prayer for justice for these dogs and please continue to report horrible breeders and puppy mills. We know of several of them in Montcalm County Michigan alone, and another in Lorraine Ohio who has dogs/puppies vocal cords surgically severed so they can’t bark. Please put pressure on law enforcement to shut these horrible breeders and mills down. It is such an uphill and frustrating battle, especially because we as rescues are the ones who see the aftermath of these greedy people who clearly do not care about the dogs.

As always, we appreciate your support and don’t ever be afraid to be the voice for these dogs who cannot stand up for themselves.

The warning comes just a week after Michigan's Attorney General Dana Nessel warned against puppy scammers who are taking advantage of people during the pandemic.

Do research, know who you're getting your animal from, and adopt if possible.

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