A 4-year-old Michigan girl was rescued by Ohio police on Tuesday after she was kidnapped by her non-custodial father. Ohio authorities have released a video of the rescue.

Lilliana Nardini was taken by her father on Tuesday (1/10) against her mother's will. Michigan State Police put out an alert for Eric Nardini who took the young girl from her mother's home in Marysville, Michigan. He was captured Tuesday night after crossing into Ohio.

Vicious Custody Battle

According to WZZM-TV, Nardini was recently served with a court order to turn Lilliana over to her mother.

Police say that after being served with the custody order, Nardini made statements to the mother saying that "she would never see the child again."

Port Huron police surmised that Nardini was headed south on I-75 north of Toledo around 3:45 pm Tuesday.

Apprehended in Ohio

Nardini was pulled over around 9 pm Tuesday after Hoio troopers recognized his vehicle and license plate.

In the video below, you'll see Nardini cooperating with police as he's asked to throw his keys out the window and show his hands.

Body camera footage shows officers approaching the car where Lilliana is inside, covered with a blanket. The officer attempts to comfort the little girl as he retrieves her from the car.

"Come on,  sweetie, you're okay," the officer says. "We're here to help you okay, baby? We're gonna get your mom over here and we're gonna take care of you, okay?"

Eric Nardini is currently in custody. It is unclear at this time what charges he faces.

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