It's hard to imagine one of the busiest places in the world quiet and empty, but that's exactly what Disney World is amid the coronavirus pandemic. Since they closed the gates to the happiest place on earth at the end of January, the usual crowds are no more leaving a view that most people never get a chance to see.

Pilot Jonathan Michael Salazar made a flight recently and was able to provide an aerial view of an empty Walt Disney World, shut down during the coronavirus pandemic. The photos have given theme park fans a chance to catch a view of some of their favorite attractions and an interesting glimpse of life behind the magic.

From the iconic castle, idled rides, unoccupied resorts, and empty parking lot, Salazar captured images both beautiful and eerie.“I think it was about 1,100 pictures I took that day, and of 1,100 pictures, I have not once found a soul on Disney property, with the exception of Shades of Green and the golf properties,” said Salazar, a native of Miami who lives in Orlando.

The flight took place earlier this month and although the area is normally a restricted fly zone, Salazar was granted permission to fly as low as low as 1,500 feet to capture the photos. He was also accompanied by another pilot that assisted what he was photographing the tourist attraction. In total, he spent about 90 minutes flying above The Magic Kingdom.

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Not only do the photos capture the beauty of the Disney parks, they also captured the work being done amid the shut down, and the projects put on hold such as work on the Galactic Starcruiser, “the Star Wars hotel”. Cinderella's castle is undergoing some painting, many water areas have been drained, and there is multiple major construction projects underway in Epcot. Halted construction can be seen in Tomorrowland on the new rollercoaster attraction, TRON: LightCycle Power Run.

Salazar, who is 22 and works as private-jet pilot, describes the photo session as a "once in a lifetime opportunity". He encourages everyone to share the photo's and says,  "I hope this will bring some joy to everyone currently in quarantine and missing the beloved parks."

Pilot Captures A Deserted Disney World

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