Joybox Express is an organization that supports other organizations that engage the youth through arts and athletics. The latest project for the Joybox Express team involves strapping a 385 pound piano to a three seater bike and pedaling their way from Flint to Mackinac Island. This fundraising project will support art programming in Flint through YouthQuest.

The team of 50 cyclists, who each raised $500 to participate in the project, will take turns pedaling 10 miles at a time until they complete the 240-mile ride to Mackinac Island. They expect to make the trip in less than 24 hours.

Once the piano bike reaches St Ignace, it will be placed on a 52' boat. On Tuesday, eight swimmers will tow the boat to Mackinac Island. It will then be part of the Grand Hotel Labor Day celebrations.

You can donate to the Joyboxx Express here.

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