Michigan was lucky enough to have a two Primanti Brothers Restaurants & Bars. These stores opened around 2016 to great fanfare, but suddenly closed. Meanwhile, other chains are expanding in the region, like Ford's Garage.

Primanti Brothers suddenly closes, leaves Michigan

  • The abrupt closures were a suprise considering the long-time family-owned Pittsburg, PA business is growing around the country and quite popular. According to a Hometown Life report, the two Michigan locations shut down on Tuesday "without explanation."
    • Novi's store was located at 43335 Crescent Blvd, Novi, MI 48375
    • 23000 Eureka Rd, Taylor, MI 48180

What is Primanti Brothers?

    • If you weren't able to stop at a Michigan location or haven't been on a road trip through Pennsylvania, Primanti Brothers has been around since the early 1900s. Serving great sandwiches, wings, pizza and more with a full bar. There wasn't anything else like their sandwiches loaded with flavor and a boatload of french fries.

Any Primanti Brothers near Michigan anymore?

  • The closest location, according to their website, is now in eastern Ohio. Let's be clear... the food was decent, but not worth that long of a drive. They're also based in Maryland, West Virgina and Florida.
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Were employees of Primanti Brothers given any warning of stores closing?

  • According to Hometown Life's story, it doesn't appear anyone knew of the pending closures. There was a sign posted on the front door thanking people for their patronage.

I checked the location information on their main website and didn't see any mention of the two locations in Michigan. They had all memory of them erased within 24 hours.

Hoping all of the employees will find new work, quickly.

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