One mid-Michigan man's flooding nightmare has a silver lining. Richard Alvarado's story here.Richard Alvarado was forced out of his M-13 home due to flooding. Alvarado and his family escaped the rising waters, but their home has heavy water damage. To make matters worse, Alvarado was forced to leave behind several Akita puppies with their older K-9 parents. He left food and water out for them, but it was a tough decision for Alvarado - even though he insists it was the right one.

"I was worried about my dogs, but my family comes first," Alvarado explains. "I put them on the bed and the mother just got up there and was taking care of them. She did what her mother instincts would do and take care of her babies." Alvarado came back to his home to rescue all of his pets on Monday. Great story.  By the way Anyone interested in buying one of the Akita puppies can do so by calling 989-484-0491.

Meet the family and the dogs here.

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