And their subs are pretty great, too.

We're definitely hearing one of two things during this pandemic: either businesses are treating their employees well, or they're not. Jersey Mike's Subs in Fenton is DEFINITELY the first one.

Michael Balen and his dad are partners in ownership; his wife, younger brother, and mother all work at the shop. Not only is he treating them like the family that they are, but he's treating ALL of his employees like family.

He has given his employees free and discounted meals, as well as bonuses for continuing to come into work. He's also installed plexiglass at the registers and provides his employees with gloves and other sanitizing items.

They also offer discounted meals for students at $2.99 and are providing meals to healthcare and first responders.

Well done, Balen family. Trust me, people are paying attention to businesses that take care of their employees right now.

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