You might've heard the hype about Sheetz gas stations & convenience stores coming to Michigan in the next year or so? Maybe you've heard about the other business we hope opens in the Flint area someday? (That's here.) That's for good reason, it's a clean, convenient and family-owned chain serving fresh salads and sandwiches, made to order... but it's not the best. We'd be blessed to have them in Genesee or Saginaw Counties.

What is the other east coast gas station convenience chain, not Sheetz?

  • If you've been on a road trip up and down the east coast, you've probably heard of WaWa. It's like an oasis in the world of regular, mundane gas stations. It somehow makes you want to fill up, regardless of the price of gas. It's bright, always clean and the staff clearly likes to work there.
Credit: Wawa by Montgomery County, PA Planning Commission via Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 2.0
Credit: Wawa by Montgomery County, PA Planning Commission via Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 2.0
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What's so special about WaWa gas stations?

  • Let's start with the coffee. Always fresh and very flavorful. It's not a cheap-tasting product. You're never going to taste it thinking 'it's been sitting here for three days.' It's so good, they sell K-Cups, whole bean and ground. If you're a hazelnut or pumpkin spice lover -- It's better than Starbucks or any other brand -- and less expensive, by a longshot. People give it as gifts (not kidding).
  • And... some locations have drive throughs and skip gas/fuel all together.

I know, you're probably thinking someone paid me to say all of this -- I swear they haven't. If I had to find anything bad, it's like every other gas station in the sense the price per gallon is insane at times.

What's the food like at WaWa gas stations?

  • They have an extensive menu. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts. It's quality food, too. If you want a burger for dinner -- you're going to think you made it yourself. If you want a breakfast burrito -- do it. They'll make it fresh. If you want healthier options... WaWa does that, too. It's so popular, they even offer catering.

Will WaWa ever open locations in Michigan?

  • According to their website, they don't have plans yet. But... they are opening locations like crazy. 20 have opened this fall, alone. SO, WaWa, how about you open up in Fenton, Michigan right off US-23? And while you're at it, put another location at M-15 & I-69 in Davison and another near Prime Outlets in Birch Run?

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