Michigan Gas Station Fined for Price Gouging
A gas station in Plymouth got into a little bit of trouble after they tried taking advantage of their customers last month. Well, they did more than try, they succeeded but luckily only for a day.
The BP gas station on 39600 Ann Arbor Road in Plymouth Township charged $1 more than its competitor…
Free Fuel Friday With Rod and Erin
Tomorrow is your last chance to try to win some gas cards, as we wrap up our Free Fuel Friday event. We've decided to do our last event with a block party under the Green Zone Solar Canopy at Al Serra Auto Plaza and we'll play another high-low game with items from VG's Grocery.
Free Fuel Friday With Rod And Erin
Join us tomorrow from 7-9am at Honda of Grand Blanc for another chance to win gas cards and other great prizes with our Free Fuel Friday event. VG's Grocery has been kind enough to provide us with more items so we can play another round of the high-low game.
Flint’s MTA Encourages National Dump The Pump Day
Today, June 16, 2011, the Flint MTA, the American Public Transportation Association, and several public transportation systems across the United States are celebrating the 6th Annual National Dump the Pump Day.
Ed Benning, General Manager of the Flint MTA, says that even driving to one of their stati…

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