Growing up around the Flint area we had some unique locally made products and stores. In a continuation of once popular Flint businesses, we miss, this is the latest installment.

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Do they still make Hire's Root Beer?

Hire's Root Beer was a big deal in the 1980s. The commercials were so campy, but on point for the decade. Think romantic dates and having a Hire's. Keurig Dr Pepper bought the brand -- if you can find it for sale be suspicious. In Canada, a different company has rights and makes Hires Root Beer and Vodka.

What was the Flint, Michigan Potato Chip company?

Paramount Potato Chips were made in Flint, MI until 1995. They were sold all over the state of Michigan and made in Flint off Dort Highway.

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Who was Slim Chiply?

'Slim Chiply' was Paramount Potato Chip's mascot. The song or jingle he sang was:

'I'm Slim Chiply, the guy you see on the Paramount Potato Chips bright red pack. I’m the flavor deputy, protecting crispness in every pack. They’re delicious, and so nutritious, Yes siree, they’re pips! Paramount Potato Chips!'


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What was the nursey and craft store on Miller Road in Flint, Michigan?

Frank's Nursery & Crafts was located on Miller Road near Linden Road, in Flint for the longest time (think behind Halo Burger). The chain was big all over the country because they had everything you could imagine. Buying Christmas lights around the holidays always meant a stop a Frank's with my grandparents -- and it always had a funky smell. The whole company closed up shop in the early 2000s, but has recently started an Internet store.

What was the go-kart Whirly Ball place in Flint, Michigan?

Whirly Ball was the coolest place when it opened up in the 1990s off Corunna Road. It was almost like playing basketball, mixed with hockey and lacrosse, in a go kart. Oddly, while it's not in the Flint area any longer... it's still around the Detroit Metro. Here's a video of people playing in Flint back in the day.

What happened to The Fair Department Store around Flint, Michigan?

The Fair Department store was legendary. I remember going with my family to the Eastland Mall (now Courtland Center) location. It was located in the space JCPenney has now. After The Fair, that space became Mervyn's. When Mervyn's went under, JCP moved there.


What was the famous Flint-made red pop?

M&S Red Pop was made in Flint, MI for a long time. Of course, the company had other flavors, too. As a kid, it seemed better than Faygo -- and that's saying something. M&S stood for 'Mellow & Smooth.' In operation since the early 1900s, it ceased operations in 1989. Here's the old plant in Flint, MI

Credit Google Street View
Credit Google Street View

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Was there a lint roller made in Flint, Michigan?

Helmac Lint Pic-Up Lint Rollers were made in Flint, Michigan for decades until they picked up and moved to Georgia. Then, became Evercare. Their 2-sided lint brush was wildly popular, too. The old plant was located on Kelso Street in Flint. Here it is (below), now.

Credit Google Street View
Credit Google Street View

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