In case you're wondering, Flint came in at 127th out of 134. Womp womp. and the National Council for Home Safety and Security has come out with their list of the Safest Cities in Michigan for 2018.

Are we the only ones who are confused? 2018 is only a couple of months old...shouldn't they wait a bit longer?

Anyways, Michigan as a state is rated pretty poorly for violent crime, mostly due to Detroit. But we're not as bad when it comes to property crime.

Only one Genesee County city made the top ten - Flushing is the 6th safest city in the state.

The #1 safest city in the state is listed as Grosse Ile (pronounced 'eel') township, which is technically an island. The least safe is Benton Township. Flint beat out Detroit on the list coming in at 127, with Detroit showing up at 131.

You can see the full list HERE.

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