I think nurses are to be commended for the work they do each and every day. They tackle a job with skill and compassion few of us can do. Quite often they go above and beyond their job descriptions, and this is one of those stories.

When an out patient procedure didn't go as well as expected, and Pat found himself stuck in a hospital bed, he resigned himself to missing his son's wedding. Thanks to a compassionate group of nurses at St. Joseph's  Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, he didn't have to.

The nurses arranged to have the ceremony Skyped into his room, brought in a wedding cake, sparkling cider, good friends to share the event, even a tuxedo that fit. "Nobody asked, they just did it," Pat said. " They got me strong enough to be able to watch this and they put an incredible effort for our family to enjoy all of this together despite the setback of my illness. It's just fantastic that we could do it." Pats nurses pointed out that holistic care is important to them. They felt that he needed the experience to make him heal.

Talk about a job well done! Which just proves my point. Nurses are fantastic.