A nurse at Detroit's Beaumont Hospital is suing her employer after she says the hospital honored a patient's request to not be treated by black employees.

Teoka Williams, who is an African American female, was working a shift at Beaumont Health in Dearborn in October of last year when she heard a patient exclaim that she did not want to be cared for by a "black b--ch." She reported the incident to a supervisor, who immediately forbade her from entering the patient's room and replaced Williams with a white nurse.

Julie Gafkay, Williams' attorney, tells ABC her client was completely humiliated and embarrassed.

"She was very upset because she is a good nurse. There's no reason she should be excluded from caring for a patient. She was segregated based solely on her race."

Gafkay says Williams is suing the hospital because she does not want other caregivers to be plagued by such prejudices in the future.

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