A petition to get a Norway funeral home to not bury Casey Kasem gathered over 20,000 signatures, and the establishment has now agreed to honor that request.

Kasem's daughter Kerri Kasem circulated the petition, hoping to forbid the radio star's second wife from having his body buried in Norway. The two have been embroiled in a tumultuous public battle since before his death. Kerri Kasem made the announcement on her Facebook page.

"GOOD NEWS!!! The petition worked!!! The funeral home in Norway REFUSED to bury my Dad! Now, we are going to send letters and the Care2 petition to the hospital that is holding my father's body. We wanted 10,000 signatures and we more than doubled that. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT SIGNED AND SHARED THE PETITION! #GoodOverEvil #TruthPrevails #NeverGiveUp #CaseyKasem #Dad #ThankYouSMPD"

Kasem passed away on June 15th, after a long battle with Lewy body disease.


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