Radio legend and Michigan native Casey Kasem's body will remain at a Tacoma, Washington funeral home, as the battle between his second wife and daughter rages on.

A judge has issued a temporary restraining order which will prevent Jean Kasem from having her husband's body moved or cremated. Kerri Kasem told the court that she is seeking to have an autopsy performed, and believes her stepmother may take action to prevent that from happening.

On Wednesday (7/16), the judge ordered Jean Kasem to ensure that his remains stay preserved, and that his body not be moved from the funeral Home. ABC reports the court will later decide on the autopsy petition.

Kasem passed away on June 15, amid a very public battle between his second wife Jean, and his children from his first marriage. His radio career began in Flint, before becoming the host of the syndicated radio show ‘American Top 40′ in 1970.

- George McIntyre
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