As Casey Kasem's family prepares to say goodbye, the world has watched as a heated battle has ensued between his children from his first marriage, and his wife Jean and daughter Liberty Kasem. Now his older children hope his entire family can put aside their differences during their ailing father's final moments.

"If he opens his eyes, I want my dad just once to see everyone standing around him, putting our differences aside and let him know how much he is loved by everyone, including Jean and Liberty," Kerri Kasem said in a statement, according to CNN.

Kasem's daughter Julie expressed similar thoughts in a statement to the press.

"My dad taught us that family comes first. We want to honor him and make sure all of his family, including Jean and Liberty, are surrounding him with love at this critical time."

Casey's brother, Mouner Kasem, has flown from his home in Detroit to be with the family, and son Kevin Kasem is reported to have flown in from Singapore.

There's no word on how Jean and Libery Kasem have reacted to his children's statements.

Kerri Kasem's representative, Danny Deraney, tells CNN that Kasem "won't be with us much longer."

Kasem suffers from a form of dementia known as Lewy body disease. The 'American Top 40' host's career began in Flint in the mid 1950s.

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