A middle school teacher in Northern Michigan is facing assault and battery charges following an alleged incident with a student at Kalkaska Middle School.

A deputy from the Kalkaska County Sheriff's office was called to the school on March 9, the day after the incident. Up North Live reports that a warrant had been issued for Collette Sabins, who is a longtime teacher at the school.

Incident Caught on Camera

Surveillance video from the incident shows the teacher making a fist toward the student and then the student backing away from Sabins. She then grabbed him or her by the collar before pulling the student toward the office. The incident was reported to have happened while the teacher was helping the student with a homework assignment.

The teacher was said to have a good relationship with the teacher prior to the alleged incident.

School Superintendent Speaks Out

Rick Heitmeyer is the superintendent of Kalkaska Public Schools. He indicates to the TV station that he was taken aback by the teacher's involvement in this situation.

"[Sabins is a] veteran teacher [with a] great track record, pretty well respected in the community so you know, this certainly came as a surprise," Heitmeyer says. "We don't know the ultimate outcome, we have an idea where this probably could go."

The police report does indicate that Sabins has shown remorse for her actions.

Heitmeyer didn't provide details of what the teacher's fate may be but said he is optimistic about a favorable outcome.

The teacher is currently on paid administrative leave.

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