Dear Flint city officials: you're not winning the favor of your residents.

Mayor Karen Weaver is asking Flint residents NOT to put their trash out on the curb, because of an ongoing contract dispute. Basically, Mayor Weaver wants to use Rizzo Environmental Services, and the City Council wants to stay with Republic Services.

And Flint residents are stuck in the middle. A statement from the Mayor, released on Saturday afternoon, says:

"We hope to have a new agreement in place that will allow crews to resume trash collection by the middle of the week. We realize this is an inconvenience and we're working to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, we appreciate and thank the citizens of Flint for their cooperation."

Republic Services, whose contract has expired, offered to continue trash pickup until the dispute is resolved. They also released a statement:

Seems like a pretty typical story out of Flint, no? Politics and litigation getting in the way of basic services. Shameful. We say, PUT THAT GARBAGE OUT! Maybe if it's smelly and out-in-the-open, the city will get its act together? Just a thought...