Just like Abraham Lincoln said in a meme, "Don't believe everything you read on the internet."

Lots of people had their britches in a bunch over the weekend after Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced another extension of Stay Home, Stay Safe on Friday afternoon at the start of the Memorial Day weekend. So, it should be no surprise that the memes were out in force.

The above picture was posted as though Governor Whitmer was out, without a mask, enjoying a brewski in Traverse City.

Sorry to disappoint the haters, but that picture is from 2019 when she visited the Lansing Brewing Company.

Never fear, though - there was another controversy over the Governor's husband reportedly calling a northern Michigan docking company and inquiring about launching their boat early, citing that he was the Governor's husband, Marc Mallory.

The owner of the dock company, Tad Dowker, claims that Mallory asked if they could get his boat in the water before Memorial Day. Dowker told him no, and that they were three weeks behind. Mallory then mentioned that he was the Governor's husband; Dowker claims that he then moved the man to the back of the waiting list. He made the claims in a Facebook post which has since been taken down.

Let's be real here - saying that something on the internet is fake is as divisive and arguable as talking about the existence of aliens, so do your own research. You're gonna believe what you want to believe, whether it's true or not.

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