In case you were wondering, YES - us fast-walkers feel bad when we pass you on the street.

Researchers at Leicester (pronounced LESTER) University in the UK took data that was collected from 2006-2016 from almost 500,000 adults and analyzed it...and found that fast-walkers can live up to 15 years longer than those who don't, well, walk fast.

The most interesting part of this study, in my opinion, is that the results are the same REGARDLESS of weight.

Before you start to judge, let me clear up a few things about fast-walkers (because I am one):

1. We don't always know that we're walking fast - it's just "how we walk"

2. We're not doing it to make you feel like you walk slowly

3. We're not necessarily in a hurry, but we do like to get things done quickly

4. If we pass you, we're not trying to be rude

5. I kinda wish we had horns so we could beep at slower people in front of us, but that would be super rude

*phew* I feel much better now and I'm prepared to live til I'm 80. LOL


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