Ohhhhh Caaaanadaaaaa, our high friend to the nooooorth...

Look at you guys, bringin' your mad Mary Jane knowledge and science together.

There's a new study from our neighbors to the north that was published at preprints.org and it suggests that marijuana may actually stop the spread of coronavirus.

Yes, really.

Let me try to put this in the simplest terms possible - from my understanding of the study, cannabis extracts that contain THC and CBD could actually prevent coronavirus from infecting human cells.

But how?

The study was conducted by a team of Canadian biologists who are licensed to grow hemp and marijuana under a research license.

Scientists believe that the virus is spread between people when they're talking or breathing within six feet of each other by droplets of moisture in the air. When it's inhaled or swallowed, the virus attacks a protein in our bodies call ACE2 by stabbing its "spikes" into the protein.

There's another protein in our bodies called TMPRSS2 which, unfortunately, helps the virus to enter our human cells.

And THIS is where the sweet cheeba comes in.

The Canadian scientists say that cannabinoids can actually calm down the genes that produce ACE2 and TMPRSS2, which would block COVID-19 from being able to infect humans.

Remember, though - they are NOT saying that weed is the cure for coronavirus. Then again, it's pretty safe to say that it'll help most situations including the anxiety of a global pandemic.

Toke on, my friends.

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