Just the other day we got word that mold was found inside DoyleRider Elementary School and has since been shut down until the mold can be removed.

New plans have quickly been put together to keep the youth in class and they're taking this opportunity to do more than just remove mold. 

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According to Flint Community Schools, starting on Wednesday, Pre-K students will go to Holmes Elementary.


Students in Kindergarten through Sixth grade will attend school at Potter Elementary starting on September 13.


The district plans to get rid of the mold and plan to make other improvements to the parking lot and roof.


Sound like they've got everything in place over at Doyle Rider Elementary. And in a timely fashion. Mold is no joke and can cause a ton of respiratory issues if left unchecked over time. I love how they're taking advantage of the situation though and using it to repair the roof and parking lot at the same time. A situation like this in some places usually would cause panic, but the team at this school laid out a perfect recovery plan.

When life gives you lemons, repair the roof and parking lot.

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