It seems every couple of years or so new pictures or videos surface of one of Michigan's long lost venues or attractions. This time a crew documented what's left of the enormous abandoned Flint Central High School.

Built in 1923 on land specifically set aside for the school, the historic campus was once the pride of the Flint area. With Whittier Middle School built next door in 1924 it was the center of education in its day. A sanitarium, located on the property prior, once sat on the site of the now Flint Institute of Arts and became additional space once it closed for the growing enrollment back in the day. It's estimated that at its height of enrollment the school had almost 4000 students.

Unfortunately, enrollment began to decline, the school in much need of repair began to deteriorate, and Flint Central High School was closed for good in 2009. What's left is pure shambles and erosion of the once magnificent school. The video shows scenes that are almost eerie to watch looking more like a war zone that had occupants run without taking time to collect their things. Graffiti and damage cover practically every inch of the building's walls.

Gary Fisher, a 1983 graduate and Flint historian, finds the video hard to watch. "I see it and I feel depression, sadness, and anger. As a Flint native, you ask yourself why? How could this happen." Fisher goes on the mention the historical value the school has to offer from its notable graduates such as Billy Durant, co-founder of General Motors, famous aerospace engineer Clarence (Kelly) Johnson, Senator Donald Riegle, and a vast array of distinguishing collegiate and professional athletes. "The history of the graduates is incredible," Fisher comments. "As a graduate, you hate to see your past destroyed like this".

The last day of classes at Flint Central High School was on June 11, 2009. The video truly looks as if that day everyone walked out as if it was just another day, and simply never looked back.

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