There was a time when car colors were simple.  Even today black, white, silver, blue and red are among the most popular colors.  But all of that is about to change.

The BASF Color Excellence Group has a collection of 60 new colors that could be on your car by the 2018 model year.  BASF invited many automotive experts to Detroit's Eastern Market to showcase their car coloring concepts.  Among those experts was CBS Radio's Automotive reporter Jeff Gilbert.

Jeff spoke with the technical manager of the BASF Color Excellence Group, Paul Czornij, who says that the economy plays a huge role in not just the car, but the color people feel comfortable in.  During his interview, Gilbert learned that people didn't want to be too "showy" during the recession, but are now ready to stand out a bit more.

So what are some of these new colors?  How about La Garra Charrua or Haymaker?  Or perhaps Fitted Green, Gray Elevator or Take 10,000 is more your style?  You can see some of these new colors in Gilbert's report below.  I had the opportunity to talk to Jeff Gilbert on the air. Listen to our interview here:

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