I know it may not seem like a big deal, but Taco Bell offering french fries is probably the best thing that will happen in my life in 2018. When I was little my mom, brother, and I would have picnics in our living room once in a great while with all our favorite fast-food items. My mom would get us mashed potatoes from KFC, fries from McDonald's, a taco from Taco Bell, and maybe a frosty from Wendy's. We could get one thing from each place, then we would take it home and have a picnic in our living room. Let me tell you, eating fries and tacos together is a glorious thing. I often wondered why Taco Bell didn't have french fries that I could dip in nacho cheese.

Fast forward to 11 years ago, a few co-workers, my boss at the time, and I went to a concert in Detroit. I have no idea how it came up, but my boss needed to prove to us that the Taco Bell's in Canada served french fries with nacho cheese. We didn't believe him, so we went to Canada! They, in fact, had fries at the Taco Bell in Canada, and they were everything I wanted them to be. Over the past 11 years this trip comes up from time to time and I was once again left wondering why Taco Bell here doesn't serve fries.

My wish has come true today! Taco Bell has nacho fries, and they are super cheap! I am by no means telling you to go order 5 of them like I did today. I am saying if you had dreams of eating a taco and some nacho fries, your dreams have come true.

Jenny B
Jenny B


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