If free is your favorite four letter word, this is for you! On Tuesday, May 4th, Taco Bell will be giving out FREE tacos!

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When I saw the date - May 4th, I figured the giveaway had something to do with Star Wars, as in May the fourth be with you, it doesn't. This promotion is all about the moon. Supposedly on that day, the moon is supposed to look like a taco, 'Taco Moon'. Okay, cool - if that merits a free taco, I am in.

You can claim your taco online or by downloading the Taco Bell app, and in store between 8:00 PM to 11:59 PM on May 4th. Just in case you were wondering, Taco Bell will not deliver your one free taco to your home.

I feel like downloading an app for freebies is a win win. A win for you, because you get the free goods, and a win for the business to keep tabs on customers. If you think your information is not already 'out there' - think again. They (whoever they are) are always watching.

According to Delish, this 'Taco Moon' promotion is part of an upcoming promotion called 'I See A Taco'. I don't know what that means, but I do recommenced keeping your eyes peeled for more food giveaways and incentives from TB.

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