It's official: my cousins are cooler than yours. No, they can't get you in for free.

I always knew that my cousins were smart - their mom (my mom's cousin and my godmother) was a nurse and their dad is a doctor. They live in California and they're Disney fanatics, so I guess it shouldn't have surprised me to read on Facebook that they were part of the construction of one of the rides for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Needless to say, I geeked out and my wife messaged them to ask how they got involved. Here's what my cousin Rebecca said:

I got into project management in the themed entertainment industry after college starting at Thinkwell Group where my main projects were the Warner Bros. Studio Tours in Hollywood and the Harry Potter one in London. When I left, some old coworkers had moved on to a company called Scenario. They had hinted it was the big Disney project so of course I couldn’t say no!

We took the design into construction and had our own shop in the back and built a lot of the show set pieces that are installed in the ride. It was an awesome experience seeing the behind the scenes of the Disney Imagineers and the resort and I think the result is just gorgeous! The land really feels immersive and unique. Unfortunately, my ride hasn’t opened yet but I’m excited to hear the reviews of that.

I left that company end of last year but they were super generous and managed to get me on the list for the Contractor’s day preview so I was super lucky to see it.

HOW *clap* COOL *clap* IS *clap* THAT?!?! I guess I'll be forced (pun intended) to check out their ride.

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