Can you help to identify this man?

Mayfair Animal Hospital in Mount Morris has a chronic problem on their hands - a man has been caught on their security cameras more than six times since they opened last March, dropping off carriers full of litters of sick kittens.

This last drop-off was the second one in a week.

They don't want the man to be criminally charged, but they do want to identify him so that they can help him figure out a better longterm solution. The kittens arrive more sick with every drop-off; the hospital isn't euthanizing them but is taking care of them, which is costing more and more money each time.

The hospital is also looking for foster care for the kittens. If you're interested, you can call them at 810-785-0111. If you have any information about this man, please call the Genesee County Sheriff at 810-257-3407.

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