The C.S. Mott Foundation is coming through for our community once again.

On May 11tth of 2016, the foundation announced that it would be donating over $100 million to the city of Flint to help it recover from the water crisis. Now, we know where that money has been allocated to.

According to their website, "From furnishing residents with home water filters and helping the community reconnect to the Detroit water system, to supporting the independent oversight of local water testing activities, Mott is working to help ensure that all Flint residents have access to clean, safe drinking water."

The foundation donated over $200K to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, over $800K to the Genesee Health System, $5.2M to Flint Community Schools, $3.3M to the Crim Fitness Foundation, a little over $1M to the United Way of Genesee County, more than $500,000 to Habitat for Humanity, as well as other local organizations.

The original promise by the foundation to the city of Flint was around $100,000,000; however, an additional $6 million was acquired and given away as well.

Talk about a constant force for good in Flint - the Mott Foundation is everywhere, all the time. They definitely know how to put their money where their mouth is. A lot of people are feeling like the city of Flint has been forgotten right now; this is a lovely reminder that there ARE people and organizations who have NOT forgotten, and a lot of them care enough to make a difference, even if it's four years latter.

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