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She's back and we MUST get this sweetheart a permanent home!

Miss Priss came to visit us in the studio at the beginning of the year, on January 6th. And she's even sweeter than she was before if that's even possible! She's 9-years-old, so she's a senior lady. She was adopted out once and was returned because she didn't get along with the owner's other pets.


...since then, she has gotten along really well with the other cats at the Humane Society of Genesee County, so they've changed her requirements - she just needs to have a meet-and-greet with her potential new home's other furry occupants.

Want to set up an appointment to have her sit in your lap? No problem - call the HSGC at 810-744-0511 to set up an appointment (two or fewer people, please). Masks are required; if it goes well, you can set up a separate appointment to have her meet your other pets to make sure that they get along.

I can't emphasize how SWEET she is. She's like ice cream. And can we cut it out with the black cat stigma? It's 2020, we've got enough to worry about without demonizing black cats as being "bad luck."

I would take her home with me if Pat would let me, but we've already adopted one of AJ's Animals and we can't do another. Can YOU be her furrrever home? Give them a call and set up your appointment to meet Miss Priss today!

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